DEV readPLZ. From South Korea users.

  • Hello sir,

    i am one of the player in South Korea, and i really really like to play ECO .
    I just bought it right after it came up on steam.

    the main reason i am posting this thread on ECO forum is to call for a help.
    because we need a Korean Language Patch for this game.
    though i have no 1% of error with playing this game within English but there are a lot of users who is not able to use English required to play this game.

    beside that,

    what we need now is

    1. cold and hot circumstance affect on health
    2. drop or abandon item from inventory
    3. lay down or crouch
    4. able of UNICODE in typing on chat . if this is available, we mihgt don't need a korean patch becuz i or someone who can use english well will

    able to tell them what is what, and what works for what in korean typing.
    5. thrid person mode in key binding. i know it is able to do it with PRESSING "B" and clicking it but, it is so annoying.

    if you are not able to patch in korean language, tell me about the way to do this. i will make a korean patch team with in STEAM WORKSHOP.

  • Hey mate the best place to post suggestions is on the github the devs are more likely to read it there.

  • thx emmeck

  • No worries