Tools for Getting Started with Modding

  • If you are looking to get into modding on Eco, I am aiming to help you along as you get started.


    DumpDlls is a mod that pulls the modding API Dlls from an Eco server when the server is launched. There is no command or other action you need to do to run the mod, just have it installed. (Though keep in mind that the mod will run every time the server is launched. So uninstalling the mod after you've run it once is recommended.)

    The mod will pull the following dlls from the server and drop them into the server's root folder:

    • Eco.Core.dll
    • Eco.Gameplay.dll
    • Eco.ModKit.dll
    • Eco.Shared.dll
    • Eco.Simulation.dll
    • Eco.Stats.dll
    • Eco.World.dll
    • LiteDB.dll : (this dll is not part of the Eco modding API, but is used in parts of it)

    These API dlls can be included in a Visual Studio C# project and used to make Eco mods. You will need to move the dlls to another folder after they are pulled from the server, otherwise the server will have errors the next time it launches.

    Blank C# Project for Modding

    I am also creating a blank C# project for Visual Studio. This C# project comes with a copy of the Eco modding API Dlls. You will need to add the API Dlls as references inside of this or any other C# project to have them be usable inside the project's code.


    Download links for both the DumpDlls mod and the blank C# project can be found on this page of my website.

    If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reply here or ask me directly through Discord.

  • I wonder no one answered yet, I searched a while for the dll's...

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