High CPU usage

  • So, I know is a known bug, but seriously, please fix this asap, the overheat from the high CPU usage have shutdown my laptop at least 3 times (And I'm only running Eco).
    The other times that overheating haven't happened were because I played for very short intervals.

    I didn't post it on bugs, because I know someone already have posted it there and I want to know if someone have overheating problems because of Eco high CPU usage??
    Or I need to change my laptop :(?? (I've already changed the CPU grease)

  • The funny thing is, when you connect to a linux based server, you don't get high cpu.

    ip: Eu-mc-ssd-03.dbmhosting.com (linux server)

  • both cpu and gpu are on max when running eco .. its reported

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