Issues with Felled trees flying off

  • I looked around and didn't see any post or topics about it yet, maybe its just me but its happened a few times so far. After chopping down a tree I was cutting it to carry it back when the tree on the ground will move or bounce and start to fly off, not always straight up some times forward. The ones that flow up I lost track of, but the ones the flow forward stopped after awhile and fell through the ground (or so it seemed) after I dropped off what I picked up I was able to grab from the spot that the second one landed. It's a bit strange, I also lost whole logs because of this (Not that big a deal yet since its still a new world but you know).

  • I was standing where the tree wanted to fall, and it bopped away. I couldn't find it for a while. Then I looked up (I evolved on a savanna -- I hardy ever look up), and there it was floating above me, moving slowly. I ignored it for a few hours and then noticed it had come to rest 5 blocks up. So I built a little mound up to it. Up I went, and chopped it right in the middle. The two pieces went flying off at escape velocity -- up, up, and away! Maybe they'll deflect the meteor...


    lol, this music plays in my head when the lumber floats off... I still have no idea why it does it.

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