[WIP] First Time Guide

  • This is a work in progress guide for first-time players!

    Chat: Enter
    Reveal/Hide Mouse: Tab
    Attack: Left Mouse Button
    Interact: Right Mouse Button
    Select toolbar item: 0 - 9
    Turn objects like Doors: Q & E
    Pick up object like doors: E

    Your first structure
    The first thing you want to build in the game is your builder's hut. In this building you can process your first resources and research to progress through the game. To start building your Builder's Hut you will first need to gather some logs. Luckily, you spawned with a Hatchet!

    Once you've got a decent amount of logs, you can start building your hut. Press the blueprint button in the bottom right of your screen and select the Builders hut. You will now need to select in the world where you will build your hut, select 2 corners and finally you will need to select the crafting table's location. You can now start building your hut! Select the logs in your toolbar and create your walls & roof within the highlighted area. Once you are done, the building menu in the top left will show a button to finish construction, if it doesn't, check for red items and fix those. You just made your first building!

    Getting your first tools
    You can build the following tools in your builder's hut:

    • Hammer: Destroy constructed blocks
    • Scythe: Gather vegetative resources
    • Hoe: Prepare the grass for crops
    • Shovel: Dig dirt & sand
    • Pickaxe: Mine stone & minerals

    You can progress through the game by crafting skill books, the first books you will have to craft can be created in the builder's hut. More skill books will become available in the buildings you unlock & build.

    Thanks to the contributes:

    • noblackthunder
    • Metrotyranno
    • g1franc

  • Building rule

    In order to build something you need:

    • some space
    • materials (can be log, "cut logged", stone, wood roof, stone roof)
    • blueprint for the building (form skills)

    You can only build ONE building at a time and you have a period of 2 hours to finish the building. You can abandon the construction of a building if needed (misplaced, insufficient resources, mind change etc...)

    When you active the blueprint of a building the first thing to do it to define the place of the building by making 2 right clics:

    • One for the corner of the building (like top right)
    • One for the opposite corner of the building (like bottom left)

    You have to respect some minimal space and the structural building grid with change to "green" once the minimal size is reached.

    Once the structural grid location is defined, you have to put a wood pillar a the third right clic of the building. This pillar symbolize the place of the "special" tool of the building (like the forge for the builder hut, the saw for the lumber mill etc...). You MUST not put it on a edge of the building (as you need to place wall here) so keep at at a minimal distance of 1 from the future side wall.

    The next step is to put wood or stone to define the walls, don't forget to leave a 1x2 (1 large and 2 vertical) hole for the door frame then to enclose the building by putting a roof.

    You have to fill the structural grid of the building (the fantomatic cube), in order to finish the building. Some building have material requirement like some need a minimal part of constructed stone or log (stone and not raw stone, crafted log and not log)

    Let take a typical 5x5 building to illustrate. legend (s=stone, o=empty, p=pillar)


    (one hole for door and pillar at center)


    (one hole for door)

    (no more hole for door)



    (full stone for roof in order to enclose the volume)

    Hint: you don't need any xxxx roof block to make a building.
    HInt: you can leave some hole (like windows) as building number of block allow them. You can even remove some block with the hammer once the building is finished to create windows hole but you can remove if it would goes under the buildling minimal number of blocks.
    Hint: use stone for most of your building as it is very abondant and not a eco disaster compared to wood log. Even wood building can have a small part of stone block.

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