Anyone figured out Electrical power yet?

  • So i have just created a Rolling mill, Electronics place and a Solar Generator. I have put the solar generator down but it doesn't send any signal to the mill and its within 3 squares, I have checked if i can link via the storage option and still nothing. i'm a bit lost i don't know where to go from here.

    Wiki page for this advanced stuff isn't updated and no videos on youtube.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Power grids (at least for me) are done by your plot. For example, your machinery and generators must be in the same plot you own to give power. I believe that's how it works :)

  • I'm not sure about the plot thing as I have 2 separate deeds with wind turbines on them and the power is shared between them even though the distance between the claims is around 30+ blocks

  • From what I can tell, the rolling mill just doesn't accept power. I put sawmill down in a spot, and it shows power, but when I pick it up and put a rolling mill in the exact same location, it shows as unpowered.


    Rolling Mill.jpg

  • @Llosidian those objects are wanting 2 different types of power the sawmill wants mechanical power and the rolling mill wants electric power

  • I just figured that out about 2 hours ago. I can't find anything anywhere on this behavior, and it seems a bit silly. Is this a bug, or intended behavior?

  • This is intended.

    The waterwheel and windmill create mechanical power for both the mill and saw mill.

    There are several options for electric power such as the wind turbine, solar generator and combustion generator that power everything else.

  • I have noticed power will follow along the roads.
    I have street lights a long way away from my solar panels and they are next to the road.
    If I move them off the edge of the road then they do not light up.
    Just a heads up on that aspect of power.

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