How to get rid of an item?

  • Hi guys,

    surprisingly, I was not able to figure out how to get rid on an item. I have few old tools that I carry around, not able to get rid of those.

    I know you could place in a storage box, but any way to just throw them away? It is a small thing, but it get really annoying and really fast!

    Thanks :)


  • There is no way. What males Eco more challenging. Later on you will learn some recipes to use up items, but until then, do not collect junk unless you want to carry it around or store it away.

  • What I do in this situation is make a storage chest and place it in public land and throw all items I don't want in there so new users or anyone can take them if they want

  • As the previous people mentions, there is no official way. However, if you are an admin or its your own server, you can use commands. "/dump selected" will delete what you have in your hand. But this is the "cheating" path

  • Ho this is good news Carolusclen!

    I would like to hear from the dev if they will put that little feature in place. This is kind of a pain to manage storage units full of stuff you no longer wants.

  • I believe I read that the devs have rubbish on their road map for game development

  • It is kind of a basic feature and I was kind of surprised that it is not indeed in the game. I would even consider it a bug.

    **Consider this case **... you are in a middle of a forest, far from your base camp and you end up with full inventory. You stumble on something that you REALLY want to collect, but you can't because your inventory is full. You could get rid of that broken wooden shovel to loot that freshly new killed buffalo ... but you can't. Your only option is to walk back to camp ...

    This is a very basic feature and it's impact is critical...

  • Yes, these new functions that are being planned will ruin the world. Like if you drop your shovel to make room for the bison, that shovel could turn into trash, killing plan life and possibly make a small dump site.

  • Best way to get rid of stuff.. eat it :P

    Or use it

  • I think the best thing they can add is drop on the ground, they should never delete any items.

    The game is about an eco system unlike other games like minecraft where everything is there to decorate a world.

  • Clayc, could you imagine how your word will look like after few months playing? I already have thousands of seeds and wood pulp that I no longer know where to put.

    I have a world in minecraft that is 4 years old and still growing. We do not want to manage a dump ...

    Let us at least burn what we do not want. I am all about the Eco system but it is a game after all, if I we spend most of our time managing item we no longer want, the game will become a burden rather quickly.

  • I would like to know this too, how do you get rid of non consumable items?

  • @Frag2000 You must be responsible for all the actions you perform, you should also be considerate when upgrading your skills..

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