Requesting advice for starting a new server

  • I'm thinking of running a server. leaving aside technical needs, what do people want to have in a server? Administrators, moderators, modifications, and configuration file changes, for instance?

    Then there's also the question of server population. Do people want to try for a very large server or an exclusive one? One collaborative village or several independent ones?

    Should the server have a defined theme, like "COMMUNISM!" or "Embrace the invisible hand?" Likewise, would people like a world with extra challenges, such as starting out in an ice age or similar unstable climate situation? Or perhaps modded to be long-form, with skill increases and such being increased sixfold and the asteroid moved out to six months away? Alternatively, put the asteroid a week away and try to speed run it... Or is the game perfectly balanced as it is?

  • my advice is start small and see what kind of population you get. i normally host with pingperfect so i don't have to worry about the tech side of things.

    i would look at what servers that are on with good populations and see if there is a common theme.

    finally find something not many people are doing that has a decent demand, RP server or a "theme"

    in the end play with people you like and have fun

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