Login Token Changed: Possible Login Elsewhere.

  • This has been happening relatively often (every few hours) on my (private, lan, no external connections) server.

    I changed my pword just in case, but after two changes, I'm POSITIVE it's not my end.

    So either ECO accounts are not in any way protected, and someone is hacking my account , or (my guess) the game is having an error and this invalid token statement is false - but endemic of another problem.

  • Added info: On Windows, the server is hosted on a Windows server on my LAN. I have the Steam version of the game, linked into my website account here. Current version of both as of today (7.11). Browser is Chrome.

    I AM using MW mods. However, this happened without it also, so I'm discounting that as the source.

    I can't seem to reliably reproduce it except by playing for a handful of hours - it happens once in a while.

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