[Client Issue] Client crash after X minutes, randomly

  • Hello.

    As the title said, the game crashes randomly, i cant play for more tan 5 minutes before the game crashes. It always outputs the same error log, related to d3d11.dll

    I already tried to recheck the steam files and its integrity, i also tried the standalone versión of the game, i cleaned the display driver and reinstalled it (cleaned with ddu) so its really clean, looking for Windows updates... none of this Works.

    I have another pc where the game runs perfect, no issues at all... i replaced the d3d11.dll files (x32 and x64) from the pc that runs the game ok in the pc that crashes the game, no effect at all too, game still crashes.

    Im using Windows 10 x64 and the pc specs are:

    Intel I7 4790K
    32gb Ram
    Geforce 1080ti

    The client versión is Beta

    I attached the crash dump and the error log to see if it helps.

    error.log crash.dmp

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