Blind First Play: An hour a day

  • Hi folks! Name's Tolinar, and I am an Overlord!

    I'm getting ready to jump into my first round of ECO, I'll be doing a single player run at one hour a day and this will be a blind playthrough. We'll begin very very early on Valentine's and hopefully my world will still be alive in mid-march, eh?

    Stream details will be available later tonight. As an Overlord, I pride myself on the ability to utilize both Ecology and Economy to obtain ultimate power, so I look forward to this unique Fire-Test of my ability! I'll show you how a ruthless dictator of ultimate power gets things done!!

    See you later tonight, then.

  • After thinking about it a little more, I decided to grant myself a total of 48 hours to the month, with a maximum of 2 hours a day, and unlimited time on the very first day.

  • The first eight hours are in the books now.
    I stepped back to take some time and digest the data I managed to compile, as well as see what Mother Nature would do if given 12 hours to change.

    After exploring for only a handful of hours in Single Player, I make the following comment:

    Nutrition is way more important than housing. Like, 24 times more important!
    In other words, the single-player multiplier bonus doesn't apply to your house.

  • Well, in only 8 hours of inexperienced play, I seem to have driven myself into a corner! In the process of exploring the game systems, I have completely exhausted my supply of corn ... I also misinterpreted the construction systems, among other issues, and I vastly overestimated the value of housing.

    I now feel, however, that I am properly prepared to give it a go, so I will be restarting this world and running from the same rules - one day of free time, 48 hours total.

    Until midnight, I'll be studying this world to determine what I can about its systems and ecology.

  • We're off to a much better start this morning! Haste makes waste, and I've made a lot of key improvements to how I do things. Active playtime is about 5 hours, as I have stopped to generate Skill Points from time to time (as well as sleep and eat)

    • Not in such a hurry to burn through calories, and I'm more careful about what I eat.
    • Figured out how to get tree seeds! The healing process can begin now begin.
    • Became a Druid. Not sure what to make of this.

  • Alright. As we switch to one active hour a day, total hours logged: 16
    A lot of that was spent waiting around for skills to rise.

    • Skills don't increase while not playing in Single Player, so you need to stay logged in to get full points. But I believe the meteor continues to approach.
    • Learned to make a stew. Good stuff.
    • Formed a Stonehenge and developed to the iron age.
    • Took control of space-time and bent the dimension to ease resource transport. Wheels are for losers.
    • Accidentally tore a dimensional rift while trying to control space-time. Rocks now periodically fall on my head out of nowhere. Filled the black hole with dirt, but the rocks are still coming.

    I'll cut the video tomorrow, after I log my hour.

  • Oop, kind of forgot how much footage I actually have to dig through. Well, I'll release it eventually.

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