Private Roleplay server (need more people)

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    I've just made a 100 slot server & am looking to make it a private rp server, there will be 30 day meteor (can change if you want)
    How it will work
    We will make one city/town/village, everyone will have a role, from citizen, to police.
    There will be a 30 day meteor so we all have to work together to make sure we have a sustainable civilization.
    Each day we will new stuff on the notice board as rewards for doing tasks throughout the day. Message me or an Admin when you've completed one for your reward!
    There will be lot's of jobs that you can engage in such as
    Builder - You will build roads, houses, and much more
    Farmer - You will grow crops, and sell/give food to chefs to cook up
    Chef - You will cook food and feed the village
    Hunter - You will get food to sell to chefs to cook
    Government - You will authorise all new buildings to the village. You will also create laws
    Lumberjack - You will gather resources to sell to builders
    Miner - You will gather resources to sell to builders
    Police - You will make sure no one robs anyone else!
    We will stop adding people when we/if reach 100 people
    Join our discord to get the ip and play! -

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  • bump hehe

  • I'm online now if anyone would like to join

  • We've just started settling now, so if you'd like to help , just join

  • I've been playing for a bit and it looks like it's gonna be really fun, I really like the server. I just can't wait for there to be roads, powered carts and industry!