Rarity of copper / iron / gold ore compared to rock

  • Hello !
    I'm currently making a small Excel tool to try to "price" goods depending on all the recipes.
    And there is one thing I kind of need.

    Do you know how rare are the different ores compared to standard rock, on an average server ?
    I was sure I read somewhere the various % of each tile on a world, but I cannot find it anymore, which makes me terribly sad.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Usually there's more rock than anything else on the planet. Iron is needed Most, Copper is needed for some stuff but not alot, gold is for lazers and making currency so gold, copper, and iron are rarest but iron is most needed

  • Thanks for your answer. Do you have approximate figures ?
    Like: 80% rock, 10% iron, 5% copper 5% gold ?
    Would greatly help.

  • I seems to find more gold than iron copper and coal if that can help.
    so far i've been mining 2 stock pile of gold, 150 iron, 70 copper and 120 coal in the same mine, but maybe im just lucky with the gold

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