Farming... Kind of

  • I was trying to get some little crop field. So I planted seed of camas blub and huckleberries in different locations of an area. This was on Saturday night.
    On Sunday night I went to see how that went.
    You can see which area is with water and which is away from it =P
    crops No water.png crops water.png

    And after 48hrs (about 10 mins ago) this is how they look like.
    crops No water48hrs.png crops water48hrs.png

    Sooo, I'm not sure how they work, and also because I only got time to look at them in the nights, hehehe.
    I'll work more to see how they work, Does anyone have done something like this? Or everyone is hunting?

  • I am doing farming as well but the server I play on is down. When it gets up reliably I will share my progress as well. Thanks for posting.

  • Variety of crops planted near each other with an underground watering system dug out. Also, the fences don't seem to stop animals yet as I have seen them jump over both the lower and upper level fence lines.

    1 hour farm.png

  • All of my times are in game.

    15 hour farm.png

  • @paintedwolff I wasn't able to continue with my last crops. The server got a reset, hehehe.
    So, yesterday I planted again, later I'll post how well those crops grow :)

  • After a little over 20 hours of being in the ground this is what it looks like. Still not fully grown yet.
    When harvested I get:

    • 1 Camas Bulb
    • 3 Wheat
    • 2 Huckleberries

    20.5 hour farm.png

  • I just got some crops after 20 hours. I got harvest very similar to you.
    1 camas bulb per plant
    3 wheat per plant
    3 Huckleberries and 3 seeds.

    The only thing is that from the wheat and the Camas Bulb I got no seed. So I searched them in the wild.
    A few minutes ago this was the view. I've already harvested the Camas bulbs and the wheat. The Huckleberries seem to me like they need more time to harvest.

    This time I'll let them grow a full day, to see if they give me seeds.


  • Looks like there are some bugs with grow time. Will take a look.

  • I have also started a new game because of a power outage with the server I play on. I will keep you updated.

    Game 2 Zero Hour.png

  • Looks like I need some effective fences because the wild life has eaten all of my berries. :)

    1 Bulb
    2 Wheat

    Game 2 24 hour.png

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