Server rolls into Day 2 Massive Desertification

  • Lost all the animals and the desert has moved seriously far north - all plants died when it turned day 2 - surely this shouldn't be possible!

    Done a rollback of 5 hours from a backup but the graphs on the website were also not reporting world objects correctly.

    Web host is pingperfect but it seemed like it was the database that was glitched rather than the web hosting

  • Ok so i have restored a backup it looks like the whole planet is dying as conditions [according to] show a world full of species brink extinction but human inhabitants on one small area. Very little industrialization.

    If I have to do a fresh wipe of the server for the third time i am likely to lose all the regulars.

    No idea what the answer is as it seems the stats seem to doom the planet from the off.

    Suggestions???? Com on devs you must be able to suggest something. looks like i may have to reconsider my web hosting of the server as it seems ridiculously hard to keep it running

  • if its that bad off either do /regenlayer (itemtoregen) or /repopulate

  • not sure that helps

  • /repopulate would increase the life on the planet

  • take a couple mins to take effect

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