Smooth Voxels/improved graphics?

  • So I was just thinking have you considered an engine like <a href=""><u>Unigine</u></a> It would be fantastic too she this world really come to life, and smooth voxels are really awesome.

  • I believe that a lot of development work is already done in Unity. I really doubt it would make much sense to move over to Unigine.

    That being said, Unigine can produce some amazing looking stuff.

  • I doubt that this would be viable as another consideration is that while Eco is a game, it is also a teaching tool and does need to scale down to work on older/less powerful machines to increase likelihood of being compatible with as many schools computer systems as possible.

  • not sure what Unigne is .. but i think the current art style is perfect, and fits the game very good .. the quadrat style instead of smooth is also good looking .. from what i saw in the video there is only one thing that needs atm. improvements .. and that are animals seem to teleport when they do a height change on the terain

  • @NoBlackThunder I added a link to unigen's site so you can take a look at their stuff. I'll paste it here too <b><u><a href="">Unigine</a></u></b>

    @SchlongFry Not being a programmer I'm not sure how to integrate stuff like havok and unigen and unity, so it may or may not be possible. That being said smooth voxels can be done in unity as I've seen it done with 7 days to die.

    @Scots It would still be viable. You can scale down to non-smooth voxels for "outdated" video cards. Though whatever system you're using you'll need a good processor and ram for all the number crunching. So if you want it to scale down to the lowest common processor then we won't get half of what we're expecting from ECO. Besides above all I see this as a game, meant to be enjoyed and if the information is accurate, cause and effect is accurate, and if the communities utilize the game properly then I think yes it could teach people things like almost every game does.

  • The only issue I have with blocky graphics is that its not as useful in virtual reality. I would love to play this game with FOVE (Virtual Reality with eye-tracking) and an omnidirectional treadmill. Being required to jump every other step up a hill would get very repetitive very fast.

    Really, all you have to do is introduce triangular landscaping blocks of just a few basic (primary) configurations and you can create smooth landscapes without increased graphical strain.

  • @Elliander yes, VR is something I'm looking forward too as well. Gonna get the CV1 Oculus Rift as soon as it's available. The Omni would also be a nice addition. Though one of the things that first made me think of smooth voxels, aside from the visual aesthetics, was the animals. They're galloping along and then suddenly boop transported up and then boop transported down. It makes for an awkward experience to me.

  • well if VR is implemented .. then track ir should also be implemented =P

  • I'm not interested in the occulus. They sold their company before fulfilling any reward, then changed to a new dev kit that everyone had to buy and they STILL don't have a retail model.

    Meanwhile, the FOVE is already better in the prototype stage. It has both eye and head tracking so graphics render more where you are looking. If you combine the Emotiv Insight with the FOVE your eye can be the mouse and your thoughts the action.

  • I felt that way for a bit, but we'll have to wait and see for the Rift CV1 and the FOVE CV1 to be released for a true comparison. Though I'd put my money on Oculus being the front runner for a while above all other VR HMDs. They are very well funded now also they've had a lot of developers working on it for quite a while. Plus they have John Carmack. So they have a large advantage as well as being the ones who started the new VR revolution.

  • Regardless of who they have, I just don't trust them. Any project that doubles back against developers can't be trusted. Besides, eye tracking still isn't a core feature of the Occulus.

    My first experience with VR was over 20 years ago. Even then the main headache causing issue was the way images focused on appear just as clear as in the peripheral vision. It breaks the illusion of depth. People who have tried Occulus report similar headaches and I suspect the reason is the same. Graphics need to blur out when you aren't looking at it. At the same time though such a feature eases hardware requirements and would allow what you do look at to appear even better.

    Although with menus I think a true VR experience will require menus to exist as floating in game objects styled like Augmented reality. Otherwise they will cause the illusion to break as well.

    All that aside though, however it's done, I don't think Minecraft style graphics is good for an immersion experience. If we had a smooth map I guarantee you people will develop HD mods like they do in Skyrim in which case the community itself will make the simulation better with time.

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