Would like to use multi-byte characters

  • I am a Japanese ECO player.
    I built a public server since ECO was released on Steam Early Access.
    Japanese players are enjoying ECO very much.

    I would like an update that allows multibyte characters to be available in the ECO.
    Because we are currently communicating by replacing the pronunciation of the alphabet with Japanese, it is difficult to communicate smoothly.
    ECO is a game where communication is very important.

    In Economy Viwer 's Currencies, multibyte character user names are displayed, that is, the possibility to internally use multibyte characters.

    It does not necessarily need to correspond to multibyte character input from the keyboard.
    In many non-multi-byte character area games, when copying and pasting from a text editor to game client, multibyte characters can be used in the game in many cases.

  • This is a very good suggestion,

    Please open this on github so that the devs will be able to see and implement this feature


  • Wow, thank you for telling me that !!

    I confirmed the existing proposal.
    Korean players want to add Korean fonts.
    As a result, it will be a proposal that wishes to correspond to multibyte characters, so I think.
    In order not to pollute the topic, I thought that it would be better not to make new proposals.


    I am grateful for your help. Thank you.

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