Required configuration

  • Hello, i've an old pc and i'm not sure if i can play Eco with it. First of all is Eco a hard game to play, i mean like battelfield or idk? Moreover i've a pc with i5 1.6GHZ, Nvidia Geforce GT 740M. Is it enough?


    There's a system requirements post in there. Looks like your video card is enough but your processor may cause a bottleneck.

    The system requirements are more in the Minecraft range than Battlefield.

  • Thx for the link. Hmm Minecraft in a solo game, i've 80-90 fps. It's not much, so is it okey for Eco? Maybe in low quality?

  • 80-90 fps is plenty in a game. I'd imagine you could run Eco in low(est) settings. You MAY not be able to run a server and the game (yet). I'd give it a try. Currently, Firefox is using more CPU than Eco on my PC :P

  • I'm currently playing with i7-3610 2.3 ghz & GT630M - everything on lowest settings will get me 30-ish fps; it's pretty much a minecraft 2.0 lol (even blocky graphics from very outdated games haha).
    Sometimes it goes up, most of the times it goes down lol; so it drops below 30 on a regular basis - especially during longer sessions.
    Your processor seems to be the biggest issue here; i'm pretty sure with that videocard you'll get better fps but...

    On steam you can always ask for a refund after 2h of gameplay if you do not want to keep the game.
    You really don't need a killer PC for this game to work but since it isn't greatly optimized (but imo still better compared to most EA games) don't expect too much.

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