Rizzit's MineCrECO Mod

  • This Mod is a QoL mod and changes (balances) some of ECO's parameters.
    The mod focusses on giving nonCooperation servers a faster way to establish
    the economy by reducing some of the walls you encounter while playing on your own. The focus is on getting currencies, stores, all you need to enable trading out faster. Also some stuff makes no sense so I changed that...

    Installation Note:

    This Mod conflicts with mods that changed contents of AutoGen Folder.

    Patch Notes:


    -Gold Ingot
    stays at 4000 Weight which equals to 12.4 kg or 74.4 Kg for 6 Ingots.

    -Iron Ingot
    has been changed to 1600, since Gold is 2.45 times denser than Iron.

    -Copper Ingot
    has been changed to 1700, since Copper is a little denser than Iron.


    -Gold Tailings
    have been reduced to 1 Since the gold tailing solid/Liquid Ratio is 40:60 and 1MT of mined Ore generates 2.49 MT of Tailing.

    -Iron Tailings
    have been reduced to 1 to match the cleaner processing and reflect the re-processing of iron tailing (e.g.cement)

    -Copper Tailings
    have been increased to 3 to match the 90-98% generated tailing from processing copper ore.


    Requirements reduced to Basic Crafting Skill 1 to encourage early trading.

    Room Requirements have been removed, it's a fucking Anvil.

    *crafting recipe changed to 60 Iron Ingots, try to make metal coins in a wood press
    *room requirements changed to Tier 1, currency needs to be there early to get trade going


    -Small Wood Cart
    *Storage buffed to 12 & 1500000
    *speed increased on all road types

    -Wood Cart
    *Storage buffed to 20& 2000000
    *speed increased on all road types

    -Powered Cart
    *Storage buffed to 24 & 4000000
    *speed increased on all road types and heavely increased on asphalt
    *penalty for dirt road removed


    Im not responsible if your machine does explode.

    Seriously, no warranties if your server does not load, I tested stuff on my machines and it works but I 'm no clairvoyant so test this on your UAT before applying it on your life server.

  • am i wrong or the anvil.cs is missing ?
    also tailing for copper is at 1:4 and not 1:3 as you said

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