Data Collection for Research Purposes

  • Good evening everyone! I hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving holiday and that everyone else who didn't celebrate American Thanksgiving had a great weekend in general.

    I just wanted to ask how one could access the data sheets that may be being generated from in-game actions on the servers. I would like to see what might be being collected at this point in development (or what's on the docket for being collected) and how it is being organized on the datasets. Ideally, these would be broken down by topic and variable with the data being initially collected as time-series, panel data (at least for the purposes of the social/economic/political/environmental research that I see coming out of this game). If anyone else has any other research interests or are involved in the development of the game's coding, please feel free to respond to this thread. Hope to hear how things are progressing on this front. The game is very much in the alpha stages, but it's got a lot of potential to it.

    Thank you!

  • Hey Furby, thats a good idea, we should have an export button. NBT can you add that issue? Thanks!

  • posted as issue 485

    for developers

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