Name issue

  • I have a player on my server that is an old friend. His account name is D3xt3r81 Morgan and that is his in game name as well. I cannot seem to "find" him to give or teleport his character. I can only assume it is because of the space in his name.
    I have tried
    D3xt3r81 Morgan
    and each variation in "" '' (). I chatted with Pam on the Discord channel for support, she was helpful and patient, yet we could not get to an answer so she suggested I go ahead and report it as a bug in the open because she has not had issues banning folks with a space in their name so it must just be in game only

    This bug is reproducible on my end using the current client to push admin commands like /give /teleport. I can ask him to try other servers if someone has a suggestion of which one and when for him to try.
    This game is being played through Steam on Win10.
    Version 07.0.7 by the announcement
    or 0.7.1.beta when you press escape in game
    And there are no crashes to give the dump.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

  • I am a bit puzzled. Nothing here in the "how to report a bug" says report there only. It just states that I "can" not that I must, so it is not clear if your goal it to only report via GitHub. I don't have a GitHub account and quite frankly don't choose to get one to report the bug there, instead of here. This is where I was directed to go, this is your bug report forum, and to direct me to an outside site to report the bug there seems a bit much. So as much as I would like to help, no. I will not register an account with GitHub just to duplicate this report.

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