Tailings! 20x20x10

  • So umm i think i literally just waisted like 3 hours of my day building a giant structure to hold tailings above the surface, can it only be contained underground? by going down atleast 10 blocks then another 10 for a total of atleast 20 blocks deep to bury this stuff?

  • You want to bury tailing underground.
    Now there are a lot of different ways people will tell you that you can do this.

    I will start with how I do it which is I dig into a mountain and start digging down till I hit all stone then I make sure I dig down probably about 5 to 10 deep in the stone and make a small opening so I can get in and hollow out enough space for a few stockpiles i don't surround the area in mortared stone I just leave it uncracked stone I've never had a pollution leak with this method.

    Others have said that they did pretty much the same thing but with a layer of mortared stone.

    But basicly you want you tailings dump as deep as possible

  • what do you do will all the stone you mine? i figured if i built a mortared stone structure it would work that way too?

  • i just stockpile the stone up top as in late game your going to want a lot of stone.

    as far as i know the tailing dumps need to be underground otherwise you get ground pollution
    i think it has something to do with the depth dissipating the pollution. im not sure though

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