Eco Server on lunix

  • Before everyone gets on their high horse about it not being supported yet, I am aware of this already.

    moving on now, i believe the server can be supported via the current version of mono. I've heard it's been done and i was wondering if anyone could give me any information on making mono and the server work together. Currently i have a Ubuntu vm running 14.04 and it hangs once it gets to the serialization step. I have not tried to do this on a non vm machine yet. if anyone can share story's of success and problems it would be greatly appreciated.

  • some dev tier backer has fixed some warning / start up crash , but there are many new issues with that .. for now ! i think the developers need to concentrate on one issue at a time, and need to make the windows version stable before even thinking about other os support with mono on the server. the current mono fix introduces new issues from what i have heard

  • Is there any way to get my hands on one of the patches for mono? (non developer tier)

  • nope

  • Should be available in the next release build, me and metachronism have been working together on getting the server working in a linux, gui-less environment and it works.

  • Should be available in the next release build

    I'm guessing it missed the Alpha 2 boat.

  • It has the same issue as OSX on the version system:

    Once a patch is available i'll compile it and hit you up.

  • Thanks! that would be very helpful!

  • @Metrotyranno @hexk was referring to the linux server. You mentioned earlier that you thought it would be available with this build. Do you think we'll see one in alpha 0.3?

  • Yeah, I know, I have a linux server patch. My experimental linux server is running fine.

    Only downside is only 1 server can run per machine.

  • Oh sorry, I guess I misunderstood your earlier comment to mean you thought that SLG would be adding a linux server to the official downloads page for alpha 0.2.

    Useful for those like me who would like to run their own server but don't have any microsoft in the rack, so I got briefly excited. I guess I could fire up a windows server in EC2, except... nah, I'll probably just wait for a linux server to show up on the download page.

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