AdminUtils v3.0.0 for Beta Introducing configurable permissions!

  • Introducing v3.0.0 of AdminUtils!

    This update brings a huge addition to the mod: a configurable Permissions System. This new system allows admins to control which users can have access to which commands through the use of user groups. If you have ever wanted to have a moderator level for users, now you can!
    AdminUtils replaces the default command processing logic, so it determines if a user can run a command. This has no lasting effects on the server. If AdminUtils is uninstalled, the server will go back to determining if a user can run a command without any side effects.

    The system is fully configurable, allowing admins to set up any number of groups for their users. Each group can be set to have access to any command, and can also inherit from another group. Inheritance allows a group to use any commands that are available to the groups it inherits from without having to have those commands manually added.

    The system adds a config file to "Configs/AdminUtils" called "". This config file controls the groups and which user belongs to which group. It uses the same format as the other .eco config files, and can be edited manually. expects the same userID to represent a user as would be used in the default config files. The install .zip file of AdminUtils does not come with a config file; the mod will generate one when the server is first run. If the config file is edited manually, the command "/perm-reload" can be run from in-game to reload the Permissions System without having to restart the server.

    The commands "/group" and "/user" control groups and users respectively.
    "/group" allows groups to be created from in game, can display all of the commands available to a group, can display or change the inheritance of a group, and allows for adding and removing of commands from a group.
    "/user" can display which group a user belongs to if any, and can assign or remove a user to or from a group.

    Guide and Documentation

    A more detailed guide on how the Permissions System works, and how to use its commands, is available here.


    The license that comes with any download of AdminUtils can also be found here on my website. By downloading or installing my mods, you are agreeing to the license.


    AdminUtils version 3.0.0 can be downloaded here.

    Change Log

    For more details, see the mod's page on my website.
    Added a configurable Permissions System.
    Added new commands:

    • /group [group],(option,(param)) Allows for control over groups and their permissions.
    • /perm-reload Reloads the permissions system from file. This allows for the system to update from manual changes to the config file without needing to restart the server.
    • /perm-save Saves the permission system to the config file.
    • /user [target user],(option,(param)) Allows for control of users and the group they belong to.

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