aqueducts not working?

  • It seems either i'm doing something wrong or it just doesn't work but i have been trying to setup aqueducts with terrible results.

    now from the limited info i could find they need to be bricks...
    It's not very clear but I'm assuming aqueduct is the green brick symbol in the hammer "shift+scroll" selection.
    When attempting to place them they have no ghost model so its very hard to see where its going to put it, then when placed they show as chequered default placeholder model.
    Oh and you can walk inside them.
    Game version:

  • Aquaducts haven't worked as yet in any recent game version to my knowledge

  • The only time ive seen them work is in youtube vids of very old versions

  • We used them to make the place pretty and filled them with water with admin powers but they didn't actually make the ground any wetter

  • I neeeeed aqueducts in my life. And yeah, it seems like certain materials will "carry" water farther, from my limited experiments, but I can't tell if it does make the ground any more "wet" as the water is carried.

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