Gold Emblem next to name?

  • Hi there, been playing this game for since the Kickstarter, and bought the 4 pack to hand 3 copies to my friends plus bought 2 more copies and passed them out to my other friends as well. But with my issue that I'm having in 7.0.8 and any 7 series is that my emblem next to my name is stuck in silver. My character starts with rewards of top hat and meteor shard and what not, but that emblem stays silver. Heres the thing, every friend I've given a copy to is gold status, so I'm just wondering why mine is stuck at silver, and the extra copies I got with my pack are gold status. Tried different worlds, launched through steam and the download from the site and both are stuck at silver. I know this isn't really anything important but I'm just wondering why it's doing this to me when I bought the extra copies package and all of them are gold. Idk just thought I would deserve the gold status for it or vice versa, them being silver and my gold? idk anyone else having this issue or recommendation to see if a dev knows whats going on with this?

  • awesome thank you, hope to hear something on that!

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