Tailings! ARRGGG

  • What do we do about tailings? Whey can't they be put in storage chests anymore? They take up so much room and even underground they still seem to pollute my ground. Is there a better way?

  • Store them in wooden carts :D

  • more carts tend to cause more server lag, and does anyone really want that? I like 60 fps haha

  • I'm pretty new to the game and struggling to find out what I'm supposed to do with them! What's the best (non-cart) way of storing them? Just keep burying them? Should I just surround it with stone (is there a thickness?) and can I add a door, or do I just keep removing a block and putting it back to add in more tailings. Could I build a big 5x5x5 room with a stockpile in it to chuck the tailings in? Sorry for all the questions! Would appreciate some advice :) Only started playing a couple of days ago

  • Build a 5x5x5 stockpile deep underground (Preferably bottom of the world) surround the stockpile with mortared stone (Floor, roof and walls) and store the tailings there and they'll next to nothing affect the ecosystem. Do that until you can make a blast furnace. It's more efficient than the Bloomery but instead, the blast furnace gives off air pollution, which isn't all bad if you moderate your usage of it! :D

  • Thank you :D

  • so what you are telling me what i just spend doing was all wrong? I built a 20x20x10. on surface, and even that wont stop the ground pollution?

  • Is it me or do taillings never expire? I have a stockpile full of tailings since 2 days ?

  • as far as I've always known they never expire unless they've added that in some patch I didn't read

  • What about putting a blast furnace underground? Will that stop air pollution?

  • @Debzy86 no the pollution passed through the stone and dirt

  • You can also lay a pipeline towards less fertile ground; high & cold mountain areas or desert areas... or maybe even an island... in case of the furnace. >;)

    I managed to build huge bunkers in previous betas which were accessible with carts and even the powered cart... of course the easiest solution is to build the bloomery underground as well in case of tailings; you can still allow a cart in to transport any ore to the underground site, increase to MAX efficiency and take a break from time to time / switch furnace or area. But imo the furnace is still a more viable option in case you do desert / mountain industry. This pollution can still decrease; tailings will forever stay on the server.

    The stone can easily be used in either stone roads (towards your bunker or anywhere above ground), ramps or in general mortared stone to build a house (stop using hewn logs, use it for furniture instead.......) -> dig sand at the beach or use loads of excess stone to create sand (it'll take a couple of hours but whatever; free masonry pitch in the process) and in the meantime you can build yourself a nice house / do whatever you want. Super efficient; 0 wasted resources. Stone is available in abundance anyway, unlike wood (especially early game).

    Join the cave-side of life; it's gr8 down here!

  • Im about to release a mod that fixes some of these issues, idk if ppl will like but I do like it.

  • @Rizzit said:

    Im about to release a mod that fixes some of these issues, idk if ppl will like but I do like it.

    What does this mod do?

  • @emmeck said:

    @Rizzit said:

    Im about to release a mod that fixes some of these issues, idk if ppl will like but I do like it.

    What does this mod do?

    Reduce the number of tailings for now. however im working on having tailings be used in cement as in RL
    iron tailings used in cement are 12% stronger and thus highly re-processed.

    here the relevant patchnotes.


    -Gold Ingot
    stays at 4000 Weight which equals to 12.4 kg or 74.4 Kg for 6 Ingots.

    -Iron Ingot
    has been changed to 1600, since Gold is 2.45 times denser than Iron.

    -Copper Ingot
    has been changed to 1700, since Copper is a little denser than Iron.


    -Gold Tailings
    have been reduced to 1 Since the gold tailing solid/Liquid Ratio is 40:60 and 1MT of mined Ore generates 2.49 MT of Tailing.

    -Iron Tailings
    have been reduced to 1 to match the cleaner processing and reflect the re-processing of iron tailing (e.g.cement)

    -Copper Tailings
    have been increased to 3 to match the 90-98% generated tailing from processing copper ore.

  • I spent the last2 days digging a big mine 25 levels down, dug out a big 7x7x7 room to line with mortered stone, put a stockpile in there, and it turns out tailings on stack 5 high in stockpiles. I can only make 50 iron bars before I have to make a new stockpile 0.0 I want to cry

  • The best way to store them is make a warehouse made out of mortar stone. It will contain the trailings. Make sure the building is fully enclosed.

  • Or.... make a Blast Furnace and never ever care about Tailings anymore....

  • I only ever make enough ingots with the bloomery to make the skill books and bits needed to make a blast furnace. Usually around 60 or so tailings from the ingots required

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