Is multiplayer possible?

  • Just learned about this game and it looks awesome!

    However, i wanted to find out if it's multiplayer.

    And if so, how does that work? Is it easy to just "invite a friend" to play or are there some specific things you need to do in order to make that possible?

    Thanks! :D

  • It is multiplayer there are a lot of servers out there.
    As for inviting people to your single player game I haven't tried that but I assume that works

  • If you only want to play with your friends you can make a whitelist server;
    Other than that i recommend owning a decent server which can handle 2x or 4x if you tend to allow other players as well (world size + player capacity).
    Vanilla world (standard world size) will get too small fairly quickly; to the point at day 2/3 certain plants are already extinct.
    The larger the better really but so far 4x seems to be decent enough for a while with a decent population (20-ish+ players, 10 active on regular basis).

    So to answer the simple question; is multiplayer possible? Yes it is!

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