Feedback Job "Chef"

  • Hello!
    First: My english isn`t very good but I will try and I hope you will understand me.
    I like this game, really, I would like to play it for avery long time.
    And this is my feedback for you:
    I have chosen the job "Chef" in this game.
    First you start with the Campfire Cooking and then Advanced Campfire Cooking.
    There are two meals with 28 Points: Wild Stew and Campfire Stew.
    We were happy because this points will help us to get several skillpoints/day.
    The next one i have to learn is the Cooking Skill Book (Home Cooking) and then I can cook a lot of meals in the Cast Iron Stove.
    But, guys, what is that? I spend a lot of hundred skillpoints to get this skill tree and there are meals with 20 points, 22 points, 24 points.
    Only one meal called Crispy Bacon with 32 Point and Stuffed Turkey with 29 Points.
    The ingredient of the Crispy Bacon is meat, give me only Protein and Fat.
    The ingredients of the Stuffed Turkey are Vegetable, Bread and Prime Cut.
    Bread. Bread is in the Skilltree of Advanced Baking, you call it now Leavened Baking (Bakery Oven)
    Advanced Baking is the penultimate Skilltree.
    How can i cook Stuffed Turkey with Bread??
    Bevor I use Advanced Baking I have to learn Basic Baking.
    With Basic Baking (Bakery Oven) it is the same as Home Cooking.
    There is no meal with more points than 28.... No one!!
    But, guys, bevor I learn Basic Baking and Advanced Baking I have to learn the Advanced Cooking Skill Book (Culinary Arts) - Kitchen.
    In this Skilltree are two Meals with 48 Points (Crimson Salad) and 49 Points (Sweet Salad).
    Do you notice something?
    There are no meals with 30 or 32 or 34 Points....
    Campfire - Wild Stew, 28 Points, Campfire Stew, 28 Points
    And then later later later.....after spending hundred of Skillpoints the Crimson Salad 48 Points and the Sweet Salad 49 Points.

    This can`t be right.
    I am not a player who wants to get everything in a game immediately but this Cooking-System is not thought out well.
    It is illogical.
    Hope you understand what I want to say.

  • I may be wrong but isn't it balancing your skill points that gets you the bigger multiplier for skill points.

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