[Bug] "Building canceled. This isn't your construction site"

  • Server, Client or Website?: Server/Client
    OS/Web Browser?: Windows 7 Ultimate
    Detailed Description of Issue:
    Any time I try to build a builder’s hut or a house, game asks me to mark the first and the last square of the building area.
    I do that and it shows me the ‘volume’ I have available to build, and waits for me to place the final marking wood pole:
    When I do that, I get a blue message saying “Building canceled. This isn’t your construction site”:
    This happens anywhere around the map, tried 6 different places!
    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?: In the server I'm playing, quite easy to reproduce - I just need to try to build something and this happens. Not sure about how to reproduce it locally
    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: Click on blueprints, click on house, mark the first square, mark the last square and try to place the last wood pole.
    Additional Comments: I had this issue on DewyHills server
    Client Version?: EcoPC_0.1.5805.31407

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