Change world size on Hostingserver?

  • using SurvivalServers hosting and trying to figure out how to change the world to a large world if anyone can help..thanks.

  • hi Bex.. this info doesn't really apply..i'm using a paid hosting service which is different,, this host has no modify config tools.. you edit the files through FTP that's it.. so no windows open to allow you to easily make those changes you need to know which files and which lines to edit.. properly.. thanks

  • Bex yes that is obvious and if I knew which file setting to change i'd have already done that.. I did manage to edit the User file to give myself Admin but that was quite easy and obvious.. I was asking here to see if anyone already knew which file and settings to change.. if not then that's ok.. eventually i'll find it.. I have to say SurvivalServers are the worst when it comes to customer support but that is a lesson learned never to happen again with that one man show..

  • @grimspank I am by the same hosting service, I have read in the forum, that the support work on a guide for the setup :D

  • Don't know this hoster, but if u can config the file named "worldgenerator", u can edit the worldsize exp.: 72x72 is a small singleplayer 100x100 is 1km and 140x140 is ~2km... 200x200 is 4km... generating such big world needs a lot of time and/or cpu power :)

  • bazzi I've tried that many times changing the worldgenerator file .. for some reason it doesn't change anything.. really don't know why.. I asked customer support and he didn't offer any info.. i'm using SurvivalServers but when this month runs out i'll chose a different game provider,, support at SS is a joke in my opinion but that's another subject..

  • @grimspank For some reason other people managed to do this on paid hosting services.

    Let me give you a hint Cpt. Obvious: How does the server know he has to generate a new world if you don't delete the existing one?

    If you'd read the guide Bex posted, you'd see this line:

    Storage - This is where the world data and user data is saved -* If you want to reset your world** and user data, simply delete all content in here.*

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