How I me make to a admin on a Hostingserver ?

  • Hello there ;D

    I am search a Info, how that I can me make to admin on my hostingserver, is not a dedicded server.

  • Well, the server is no local, is on a hosting service, so I have no access on the windows setup or so ;D What mean you with the steam tool ?

  • ahh nice ;D Ok I would test the tool ;D Thanks for you support ;D

    Have a nice Day ;D

  • Hmm .. is very strange for my head, I will now go to bed and sleep over this Infos .. lol

  • Ok, now open my eyes and I see all this infos is for a local server ? But I have paid a server by a Hostingservices. The Guide is for this too ?

  • this is how I did it.. i'm using steam so if you are too then place your steamID where I edited "yourIDhere" between the quotations and use the quotations also.. if you are using ECO then put your UID there.. the file to edit is inside the Config folder and the file name to edit is .. I used an FTP to edit the file you can use whater your host provides to accomplish the task.. example below..

    "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
    "$values": [

  • @grimspank I have put my steamID in the, but the server is not more comes online ;(

    Edit: OKkk .. I have found the fail .. lol .. in the file stand [] but if must "" without the [] lol

    So pls make not this [] .. lol then crash the server ..

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