Placement requirements list improvement

  • I was encountering an issue placing a Research Table. Despite having 112sqm of enclosed space in my house, which allowed me to place several other tables with similar requirements (like the Mill), the Research table was obstructed due to insufficient space, despite only requiring 75msq enclosed volume.
    After much research on the forums, it was suggested that the table required 3 tiles of room height for placement. After raising the roof on my room one layer, the table placed successfully.
    The requirements list should include any dimensional requirements for the cubic space, not only a simple volumetric measurement, ie
    Enclosed room
    75msq of volume
    1m x 2m x 3m (width, length, height)
    18+ Tier 1+ items.

    The "Tier 1+ items" requirement also needs better wording. The players most affected by this wording - new players just building their first research table - won't know what it means.

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