LAN Game won't connect

  • Hi,
    Purchased the game this morning from Steam, one each for my two kids. Created a game on one PC, it showed up on the other PC as a LAN game server. Tried to connect but got the error message connection error. This doesn't happen with other games on Steam.
    Please help.

  • Try to switch of the NAT Detection from Network > Config

  • I found I had to download the server version and start that and get the other computers connecting to that rather than a direct connect. Works now. Thanks

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem :-(
    What is your solution please ?

    I configured NAT with false value.
    I declared the IP address:3000 of my local server in the join interface.

    But he is still view all the time offline.

    I you have a idea, thanks in advance.

    Have a good day

  • The solution was, is not necessary by default to write port communication, only IP.
    And is good now.

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