Newbie Guide/ Mining

  • Hi Guys, is there an up to date Newbie guide anywhere? I'm trying to mine and I've watched some of the youtube videos but I'm rpetty stuck. For example, one video I watched had a person shoveling dirt into a chest, which I can't seem to do. And they were also breaking down stone with e pickaxe into rubble to pick up with the shovel and put in a chest, but I'm just getting the normal 4 bits of stone to carry (using an iron pickaxe). I don't want to keep posting my noob questions in the forums, but I can't seem to find a good guide anywhere! Help please? Thank you :)

  • I have used this so far btw, I'm just struggling getting past the very first few bits

  • Welcome to Eco @Debzy86 ! When it comes to 'Carried' items such as Stone/Dirt/Sand/Etc you can only carry ONE at a time (initially). I'd recommend you get a Workbench up. Craft a small wooden cart there ( This will allow you to 'dump' your dirt/etc into the cart (up to its WEIGHT limit). You can then haul the cart back to your town/house and place the items into a Stockpile ( Inventories link to nearby crafting stations/other inventories, so I recommend you place your chests/stockpile close to your crafting tables. Use your tool on the cart (or open it manually and drag to your CARRIED slot) to move the items into a stockpile. Carrier items cannot be placed into a chest, only in a stockpile or back into the world (stacking items outside your house without a stockpile also works but the storage wont link to your crafting this way). Hope this helps!

  • Awesome thank you! Maybe the videos I was watching were from an older version :) Thank you for the help

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