Multiple server issues.

  • I've made a server and am connecting to it via lan (hosting and playing on the same machine) it is listed public with a password so my friend can join. I am getting disconnected every few minutes from my own lan server, with no message, it simply kicks me back to the main screen and the server just says "player has left". Any idea what might be causing this?

    Second problem, when I log back in, any loose items such as felled trees or chopped logs are floating skyward. I know we are supposed to throw resources at beating the meteor, but I dont think this is exactly what that means. I've seen this happen before in other games but unsure of how to fix it.

    Lastly (for now anyway) I am running server beta, and my friend is running the same client, yet my server shows in the list as incompatible to them and will not allow them to join even by IP. I have made no mods or changes to server settings.

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