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  • Hi everyone,

    The issue:

    • Almost all plants keeps going down fast
    • The amount of animals keep going down. Except for Bisons.

    We just played for 8 hours in 2 days. We have a normal size house and some stock piles. The first day we didn't do any hunting. Still at a quick rate everything was going down. ( I love to keep statistics, so I recorded all stats in hours.)

    In the stats it is clearly to see everything died at a quick rate with out any good explanation. We are still new to the game so we don't know much.
    Since everything was going down quick I started hunting for Bison. Then I noticed that bison's kept growing instead of going down.
    (We started with 59 -> I killed 40 -> In 1 hour -> 68 bison's .)

    • I don't understand how the mechanics work ?
    • Some how there are unlimited Bison + they even keep growing. ( In total I killed 80 of them!?)
    • I don't know what we can do about this matter ?
    • Everything is dying with around 5% a 15% each hour ?

    Please advice.
    (Day 1)


  • Day1_2_stats.png


  • How did you resolve this issue? We are having the same issue

  • The issue is a game mechanic:

    • Plants that are over populated die.
      This means basically all the plants that are the same, and are planted to close to each other will die.

    This is that you can't make massive farms on one spot.

    At least I think this is what causing the issue. I wasn't able to fully resolve the issue.
    What we did:

    • We have 1 person with farming + gethering maxed out.
    • He collects all sorts of things,(Tree seeds by killing the leaves),(All the differed plant seeds)
    • After he collected every sort of tree or plant. He used a tool called the "Soil sampler". With this tool he planted all the plants over the complete world. So the world could get populated again.
    • He farmed these plants and tree. After that he planted even more.

    For the animals. I think that animals keep re spawning. The amount of animals however is based on the amount of a certain plant population.

    All this information, is based on what I could read from data I collect from the server.
    (Since the last update has shutdown the "stats tab" I'm unable to confirm everything. As well as the fact that there is almost no information to back this up)

    I hope this clears things up a bit.

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