[Suggestion] A few longer-term suggestions

  • These aren't immediate priorities, but a few things I think would improve the game if they could be added sometime before final release.

    First, I think it would be extremely helpful to have some sort of auto-construct or construct-from-template ability that creates the bare essentials of a particular building type all at once if you have sufficient materials in your inventory. This could take a few minutes if construction time is meant to be a significant factor, but I personally find putting a building together block-by-block to be pretty annoying, especially with it kind of tricky to move around on top of walls right now with the lack of a Minecraft-style alternate movement mode that keeps you from falling off of ledges. People could make modifications to this base template before finalizing construction if they want to change anything, but this would help people who just want the no-nonsense mechanical benefits of a building accomplished with as little time and headache as possible, especially if they're confused by how exactly the game is assessing building requirements. There would still be benefits to players who understand the building system well enough to not rely on these templates, as they'd be able to save on building materials in certain cases with clever designs, or possibly achieve some other gains in functionality.

    Second, I kind of just thought of this one while writing the above, but the addition of a minecraft-style alternate movement mode (crouching, slow-walking, whatever) that keeps you from falling off of ledges would make navigating around, especially while you're building, a lot easier.

    Third, right now there's no reason (as far as I know) to build a building larger than the bare minimum, and it could also be annoying to have to build a whole new building just to get another workstation/chest/whatever. So I'd love to eventually see the ability to build extra-large buildings, where if you make a building sufficiently larger than normal it will contain two or even more workstations instead of just one. It would be a matter of game design and balance whether such supersized buildings would require more or fewer building materials per workstation produced than building individual minimum-sized buildings.

    Fourth and finally, and this is the one I'm least certain would be a good fit for the game (although I personally do think it would be), whenever I see animal corpses out in the wild dead of natural causes (I'm never sure whether of wolf attack or starvation), I feel like I should be able to scavenge some meat off of those carcasses. I kept trying to do so, in fact, until I finally crafted a bow and learned that the meat just materializes in your inventory when you're personally responsible for killing something. I'd like to see the ability to scavenge some meat from naturally-killed wildlife added to the final game; it would provide a useful source of additional meat in the early game, and it could be balanced by providing fewer meat per animal and/or meat of a lower "freshness" level than hunting-obtained meat. I haven't had a chance to unlock the butchery skill yet for myself, so I'm not sure exactly what it does, but I'm guessing it currently just unlocks a new building that allows you to process raw meat. Perhaps the final game could expand it by separating killing from harvesting of meat, so that after you kill an animal you have to harvest its carcass like you'd harvest a berry bush (though presumably with a different tool), and your efficiency doing so would be dependent on your butchery skill (although that wouldn't really help with giving an early-game source of meat before players develop hunting; but, there are multiple ways this suggestion could end up getting implemented). Ultimately, this stems mainly from seeing those carcasses lying around (a lot of them, with animals going extinct on their own by the end of day 3 without any human help in the current build) and thinking, in a game so focused on efficient utilization of resources, that it's a terrible shame to let good meat go to waste :)

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