A New Way to Handle Tailings

  • As a Smith I've always struggled to deal with tailings. I personally feel like compared to other bi-products on other skills, tailings are much more difficult to deal with than other bi-products. You have to dig a large hole, and if you're me you can't figure out how to seal them off properly to ensure you don't get ground pollution. Players have resorted to storing tailings in carts and I'm about to do the same.

    Here's my suggestion... Let's have a special Stockpile... A tailings stockpile! Let's make that stockpile un-placeable unless it's at a specific Y level.

    Today I put a stockpile at Y level 35, I covered it with mortared stone, filled it with tailings and sealed it off. Boom, massive ground pollution on the surface.

    The Tailings Stockpile IMO seems like a pretty fair compromise, without the confusion of trying to figure out how tailings should be stored. You still have to do work to prevent pollution, but as long as they're in a box at a specific Y level, you can be sure they won't pollute the ground. :)

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