[Enhancements] Larger storage windows and more constant music

  • Two minor suggestions here: First, the window of storage slots opened when you open a chest is annoyingly small, especially considering that all of the slots in there could easily fit into a screen area smaller than that of the crafting window of a workbench. I think it'd be much more clear and convenient if it opened onto a large enough window for you to see all of the storage slots at once, like the backpack does (of course, there may be future upgrades to storehouses that allow them to gain too large a capacity to conveniently fit on the screen, but you can make the larger window still capable of scrolling if such a case comes up).

    Second, I quite like the one or two bits of music currently in the game, but they come up much too rarely! It's just long periods of silent, suddenly and seemingly-randomly broken by a brief round of music. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but if it's intentional, I for one would much prefer if the music was just on continuously (obviously with an option added to toggle the music once the game reaches the stage where it actually has an options menu :) ).

  • I believe the storage problem has been partially resolved in Eco Alpha 2

    Improvements: Storage House is now a larger building, but gives a “big chest”.

    And I do agree regarding the music but it is an alpha after all and I'm sure more music will come both in the Eco Alpha 2 update that is due any day now + in future iterations

  • Yes the storage window is ridiculous.
    In the same order, why that "Your items" window pops on top of the workshop window ? There is room aside.

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