Why not using wood pulp in firecamps ?

  • I started the game with a friend of mine and we are really enjoying it, except one thing.
    Wood pulp have no use in the early game.

    At the moment, we cutted down a lot of trees to build a house. We collected even more wood pulp, but we don't know what to do with it.
    So we let it on the floor because it cost too much energy to collect it, and it has no use.

    Would you consider using it as a fuel for campfires ?

  • It's useable as fuel for a few things if the server is running clays toolkit

  • Too bad it's not in the base game.

  • I believe I read someone on github has suggested it be put into the base game

  • You can use wood pulp in campfire to make pitch
    You can use wood pulp in farmer's table to make fertilizers

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