steam key

  • I emailed support yesterday but havnt heard back. But has anyone been able to connect their account or get an email with a key or something?

  • I actually was able to connect my account to steam yesterday and got the game through steam. Seems like the people who'm I've gifted my other keys to don't have that option anymore though.

  • I bought the game but still don't have the option to connect it. Is this going to be something where we have to wait till the next release in a month or 3 to see the ability to connect our accounts with steam?

  • I'm in the same boat as Mortuari, I can play but the three i sent the game to cannot. It is very lonely on my server. I didn't pay 120 bucks to play by myself. I wish the Dev's would just bring back the buggy version of the link. It worked for me and I haven't noticed any problem.

  • I was able to link my account when it was first made available, but when I did, I saw a pop up banner at the top with an error message about the key already being claimed. It went away pretty fast though, so naturally I wasn't able to capture it. Since then, I have not seen it show up in Steam.

    So, since this is still Early Access, i'll be sitting back and waiting for it to get sorted out while I play other games.

    Patience and virtues and all that...

  • I'm in the same boat as Mortuari. When I linked my account to Steam, it game me an error saying the key was already in use. Now I cannot link my account to steam again because it is saying it already is. So steam is a no-go for me at the moment....please help!

  • As of 2 days ago, the "link to steam" button is back on my Account page. It functioned as designed and I have been playing (and Streaming) via Steam for the last few days.

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