Power outage broke my world

  • I've been playing a local solo world for the last 2 days and today my power went out for a while and my /storage files probably got broken, because now I can't load the world anymore.

    All I'm getting is a generic "Connection failure" message.

    Any idea how to check/repair /storage files.

    There's no backup subfolder either. Does local solo game even create backups? How often?

  • @Bex said:

    Ow, that sucks! Please try to reach out to our support team over at discord.gg/eco and ask for help there. x)

    Thanks, but I'll stick to these forums. Discord is useless. Every question gets lost in an endless stream of other questions.

    Here, things are more permanent :)

  • I think I found settings for backups -> /Server/Configs/Backup.eco

    I changed settings from each 4 hours to 1 hour interval.

    I guess my corrupted world files are FUBAR, so I'm gonna start again from scratch and hope for the best.

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