[Minor bug] Abandoned construction overrides GPS coordinates

  • This hardly seems like a priority compared to the other alpha bugs, but it may be easy to fix and I feel I should still report it for completeness: When you cancel construction of a building while you're inside it, the little window in the upper-right showing your location fails to change from "[USER]'s [BUILDING]" to your GPS coordinates, leaving it showing the same text as if you were still standing inside it wherever you go. Entering another building resets it, though, overriding the message with that building's title, which then goes back to properly showing the GPS coordinates once you leave it. I suppose the issue is that the "Abandon construction" command fails to send the same signal to that position box that exiting a building's perimeter would, and once the construction is abandoned there's no perimeter to exit to send it that signal.

  • fixed

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