Invalid Login Token

  • Hi.
    Was playing Eco last night, when I suddenly got kicket off the server. I tried to log in again, but get the message:
    Connection failed: Invalid login Token

    I have my account linked with steam.

    Any thoughts?


  • Same Problem here. Can´t connect to any server or singleplayer.

    Connection failed: Invalid login Token

  • Im not sure if I misunderstood you, or vica verca :)

    I have my accounts linked. I played the game yesterday, when your auth servers where down. But now I cant play.

    This is the auth servers fault?

  • Will do!

    Thx :)

  • How long will it take until the problem is solved?

  • @Internuntius: hm... wait, I'm asking my glassbulb... hm... "The sky is clear, with the words of Blizzard: "When it's done!"" ;D

    • Steam closed several times and restarted (about 100 times)
    • Joining a server is impossible "Connection failed: Invalid login token", every server
    • Singleplayer impossible "Connection failed: Invalid login token"
    • have also already reinstalled ECO several times
    • and yes, I own an original version of ECO, bought on 06.02.2018 via steam

    Please fix this problem, I want play this game.

  • Hi guys, I just bought the game by steam a few days ago. We played with my friends during 3 or 4 days until today without any problem in a private serv / map. We played today but tonight I can"t connect anymore to our serv (I guess there was an update today). My friend and I can't connect to each other game, even when we create new ones.... :/ I always get the following message : Connection failed: Invalid login Token
    Please can you help us solving this problem ? the game is amazing and we wanna keep playing it :D
    Thank you !