Bought a two pack but with no other key received.

  • The title is selfexplanatory. I am looking for help from a dev team. I payed for two copies of the game and now I cannot play with my friend.... please help. :(

  • Same here! Upgraded from the single beta to a two pack and no key at all. Hopefully someone will respond with answers.

  • I hope so, I really want to play with my friend. :(

  • it seems really incredible to buy 2 games and only receive one. So I can not play because my friend has no key to play. I wanted to buy it directly here to support you but frankly it's a complete disrespect to take so much time to provide us with the second key purchased. I did not even receive the order confirmation email but the money has already been debited. I'm wondering if I'm not going to ask for a refund and move on if the concern is not resolved soon.

  • Same here. Account linked with Steam. Received one game, but doesn't receive the second key, which i is for my gf. How do i receive the second key? Would i receive a steam gift?

  • i bought a four pack and I'm waiting for the other three keys. got nothing but the email from paypal yet, not even an answer on my support mail or any confimation mail. will refund it, if i'm not getting my keys soon.

  • @Camouflage Hi ! Did you received your keys ? I have the same issue

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