Eco Game not in my Steam Library

  • I went to my account here and linked my account to said it was successfully linked, but there is still no Eco game in my steam library. I went to my account again to retry to link it, but now there is no option to link to steam account....please help.

    I would like to be able to play this through steam.

    Thank you for any help!

  • Lucky you, I'm not even getting the option to link it. :(

  • Same. Went through my emails to see if I missed a code being emailed out or something as a last resort.

  • There is a lot of people having this problem. Devs are working on it.... hopefuly.

  • I also don't have (or can't find) the option to link Eco to Steam. Thought I'd buy 1 invite to see if that helped. Couldn't figure out how to access that invite either.

  • @Feddas Both Steam linking and key invites are bugged or not working. I am waiting for both as well..... :(

  • I contacted the devs directly yesterday when the email came out, as there is a bug going on with the php steamkey page and sql (they're getting some deadlock code). They thought they had it fixed yesterday, but to no avail. Logging in today, the entire Steam section of the profile is missing, so I'm assuming whatever happened messed up bad enough they are trying to figure out the right way to fix it before others keep on using it. If I hear back before they tell everyone what's up, I'll let everyone know.

  • @Monkeychow01 thanks for the info man. Let us know if there are any news about this.

  • Eco Dev's get off your high horse and give the backers our keys instead of this waiting bullshit. We're the ones who paid extra to get the game early. Support your supporters.

  • This can't be good for the launch, I guess they don't know the power of the internet. Was this not tested ?

  • Guys in all fairness this isn't something you can "test". It's a problem with steam keys, one of their webpages, and their database. The reason you can buy it on steam is it's linked IN steam. For those of us NOT in steam, you do remember we can still play the game right? Just download from their website and relax. They'll get it fixed.

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