Stuck on opening screen with no menus.

  • I have just installed this and found this very problem. It would have been 1000x nicer if there was a message to state that something was busy or waiting or anything, i had no idea what was going on and instantly thought "what the hell do i do" any info would have been better than some slow moving scene and a tweety bird cmon

  • (looks at this post)

    (looks at his own post that he spent 20min typing up)

    (looks back to line about "Authentication Servers Down")

    (looks back at own post)

    (starts banging his head against the desk [bonkbonkbonkbonk])

  • To be fair though how is anyone to know what the problem is when nothing happens, no message, no indicator, no menu, nothing

  • So maybe a small status bar/readout somewhere on the main screen that gives info on the status of core system/architecture elements that are needed to run the game? Like:

    • Authentication Servers: Online
    • Update Servers: Online
    • Forums: Online
    • Splines: Reticulated

    • Hamsters: Fed.

  • Guys, we are all frustrated with this, I do understand. However, this game literally just went Beta. If they don't have something in the next couple of weeks, then yes, the suggestion of some notice on the blank log in screen will be more of an urgent suggestion.

    Patience young ones. Patience.

  • oh i absolutely understand being a developer myself and the timing is very unfortunate that the auth servers go down right on the steam launch (or the steam launch cause increased traffic rendering the auth servers helpless)

  • Its been an hour and a half and my freeze dried snap peas are gone. ;-;

  • Базу аккаунтов походу взломали. Авторизация лежит.

  • Могли бы сделать и оффлайн режим.

  • This is the english forum bro. Wrong place.

  • Authentication server back up I assume, since I can haz main menu selectionz.

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