Need Help With Hosting/Joining my Own Server

  • Hello everyone,
    I need help, I was able to create a server for my friends and I but the only one that can't connect is the host which is me. I was able to port forwarded and set all the parameters correctly but; once the sever is running I see myself as a LAN connection and a favorites as online. I click Join and nothing I would get timed out for joining. Then it changed from Online to offline and the LAN connection is not longer there.
    Any ideas on what this could be. and my firewall is turned off and turned back on for the connection.

  • following

  • Verify that the server and game version match, I had to update my server just after the Steam release (7.0.3 to 7.0.4). You should see the reason your connection is failing in the server log. Another suggestion, if you are using your IP then try loopback/localhost( or vice versa.

  • In the Network/Config tab of your server try to put detectNAT in False

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