roofs ?

  • what skill unlocks abilty to place wood roofs and stone roofs ?

  • there is a skill book for wood, called Wood creations(or something like this) spend points in it to do this(Also, if you have your hammer selected, you could have highlighted the roof, and it would have told you what skill is needed to make this item! ) :)

  • put tool marker over and it did not for me,

    I was more interested in stone mortared roofs.

    I have masonry maxed out and cant seem to find way to enable mortared roofs. - and i have looked at every tool tip for all the masonry stuff

    my friend is the carpenter and he couldn't find skill for the wood roof he ended up guessing on the skill and it unlocked for him.

  • For mortared stones, you have something called Stone Construction ( Might need to research it ) Which deals in enabling more building blocks from Mortared Stone, Bricks and Concrete

  • @Lussian

    so need to unlock anther specialty for it ?

    I would not have guessed needing that cuz tool tip just says it decrees amount of cost to making things. - i wish i would known that sooner i would not have wasted all those points on masonry tree and would put the 30 points to unlock my 2nd specialty.

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